– Know Your Customer
– Know Your Business
– Anti-Money Laundering Screening
– Debit/Credit Card Protection/Chargeback

Verification as Simple as Taking a Selfie

Artificial Intelligence -powered Facial Recognition technology for accurate identity verification and fraud prevention

Shufti Pro’s face verification solution leverages advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to accurately identify and verify human faces. Shufti Pro is the first of its kind to incorporate advanced anti-spoofing measures for fraud prevention.

Shufti Pro | True Identity Builds Trust.

  • KYC – Know Your Customer
  • KYB – Know Your Business
  • AML – Anti-Money Laundering Screening


Why Choose Open Systems Identity Verification Solutions?

Open Systems Technologies International offer an extensive enterprise solution which is much more than a simple Identity Verification. It includes the Artificial Intelligence with Biometric Facial Recognition with 3D Deep Scanning to cover each step from verifying a user to the double-checking of riskier instances.

Know Your Customer

Knowing your customer identity eliminates risks, online frauds, and financial crimes.

Know Your Business

Capture data from any document in seconds, global coverage for 150+ languages

Anti-Money Laundering

AML Screening Identify high-risk entities and prevent potential financial crimes

Verification as Simple as Taking a Selfie

Omit payment frauds, account takeovers and reduce high drop-off rates with AI-powered face recognition technology. Provide your customers with the most secure and fastest selfie-based onboarding method. Say goodbye to physical keys, passwords and KBAs.


Face Verification Solution
Strong line of defence against
impersonation and stolen identities

Know Your Customer in 30 Seconds

IP and Geolocation

Tracking and review transaction origin, as well as user patterns.

Verification Reports

Structured data management with downloadable reports and user logs.

Easy Integration

Restful API or SDK. No additional plugin for installment

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