About Us

About Us

Know Your Customer | True Identity Builds Trust.

Verify Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere | Prevent Fraud.

Real-time Identity Verification

Verification 30-60 seconds

| 30–60 Seconds

Your customers cannot wait. Fast responses are the keys to reduce drop-off rates and check-out abandonment ratios. Shufti Pro’s verification flow is straight and to-the-point which provides excellent UI/UX to end-users, allowing them to perform the necessary verification steps very quickly. The results of each verification have a rapid response time of a minimum of 40 seconds. This makes Shufti pro the fastest verification service on the market.

Global Coverage

3000 ID Templates, 230+ Countries
Territories, 150+ Languages

OCR – Data Extraction

Simplify collection of User Information

Video Evidence

Reduce false chargebacks and legal set-backs

Generate Reports

Easily manage customer or user records with a summary report


Solutions For Risk-free Business

Looking for verification solutions with bank-levelconfidence to integrate with your system? Shufti-Pro offers effortless solutions integration for Smooth Business Workflows.

Know Your Customer

Knowing your customer identity eliminates risks, online frauds, and financial crimes.

Know Your Business

Verify business entities and conduct background screening of ultimate beneficial owners to reduce risk to zero

Anti-Money Laundering

AML Screening Identify high-risk entities and prevent potential financial crimes